I have loved the outdoors ever since I was a little girl. My father and grandpa used to take me camping and fishing as a young lass. However, they didn’t for very long as I was deemed too young and too much a girl to continue to go, instead my brothers had the real fun going with them often up into their teenage years.

As a family we went day camping in the winter. My father was a farmer/rancher and had no time during the summer months to camp and spring and fall were spent with my grandpa and brothers. So, the family spent the winter packing picnics, hiking, and spending the days sledding. I joined Girl Scouts and was finally able to camp, both winter and summer.

As soon as I was independent, I requested camping equipment for Christmas. I would venture out into the mountains of Colorado with a group of friends, relearning and learning the art of camping, hiking, and snowshoeing on my own. By trial and error, I learned the best and easiest methods to set up camp. I joined hiking groups, so I didn’t have to hike solo, as that is never a good idea. Camping and hiking has always been my favorite escape from the “real” world.  

I have enjoyed the pleasures of hiking and camping throughout the Southwestern United States and all around the world, including China and the islands in the south China sea! There’s no place quite like home though. Returning to Colorado has re-energized my passion for camping. One summer we went camping every full moon weekend- spectacular memories were made during this time!! Recently, we witnessed the Super Blood moon while at Crow Creek, Pawnee Buttes. A memory I will surely never forget.

Camping and hiking equipment has drastically improved throughout my lifetime. This is a wonderful thing allowing the art of campsite prep much easier, quicker, and less labor intensive. But, I still find it difficult to find camping equipment specifically for women or that can make creating a campsite quick, easy, and less labor intensive for women. Therefore, I have created Camp Monkeys. I want to make Camp Monkeys the place to go to find easy to use, innovative and fun gear that women can use simply.

When planning your next camping trip let us be your Camp Monkey, the one that does the work and lifts your burdens and worries. We will make camping fun and easy for you again- regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert.