Camp Side Hacks

Dangers of Campfires

Posted by CampMonkeys on Nov 19th 2018

Never cut trees or branches for your campfire, even if they look dead. They will not burn and are often home for birds and wildlife. Keep your fire a manageable size (no bonfires, please!) large campf … read more

Camping Thoughts

Nov 8th 2018

I had to say goodbye to an old camping buddy of mine today. She was old, unkept, much of her innards were barely functioning. She was a 1999 A liner camper. My Uncle had gifted her to me 8 years ago … read more

Camping Checkist

Posted by Kate Stewart on Aug 27th 2018

Camping and hiking is always being prepared so your experience can be enjoyable and especially relaxing.Plan ahead for the terrain and the weather. We keep our gear in one area in our home so it is … read more

Privacy Policy Link

Aug 27th 2018

First Aid

Aug 17th 2018

Planning a trip prevents things going wrong and gives you a game plan if they do. This is true for a camping trip and a hiking trip. I am an ex- girl scout. And just like the boy scouts, it pays to … read more