I had to say goodbye to an old camping buddy of mine today. She was old, unkept, much of her innards were barely functioning. She was a 1999 A liner camper. My Uncle had gifted her to me 8 years ago. She no longer had a working refrigerator. We didn’t use the heater system or the water system anymore. She basically was a glorified tent on wheels. But now, without her, I realize, she was the BEST. I will miss the freedom she provided.

I had camped in her everywhere in Colorado and in the Southwest for the last several years. She provided protection from the elements, “the scary outdoors”, and other campers. It hurt when the golf ball sized hail took her from me, shattering her windows and skylights, pock marking her white skin.

The worst was watching the towing company hook her up and unceremoniously drag her away to the trash pile. Now, I have no haven when we venture to the wild and awesome world.

I know all will heal, time and insurance. I will find a replacement and the memories will keep her safe and well, well.